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YL Intensive English Winter Camp

Ages 6 to 17

  • Ended
  • 600 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Intensive two-week Young Learner English summer camp. Learners receive instruction in English vocabulary, pronunciation, phonemic awareness, grammar, reading, writing, listening, speaking and more using industry leading materials, proven methodologies, and individualized instruction. YL Intensive Winter Camp course consists of 22 lessons, two terms of 11 lessons each, at 60 minutes per lesson. Learners who complete entire course will have received 22 contact hours. Each lesson duration is 60 minutes. It is expected that learner can sit in front of a computer screen or tablet for that time. Learners must be 6 to 17 years old. Parent need not accompany independent learner. Some learners may need an acclimatization period. In such cases, learner's parent should accompany young learner until young learner can participate independently. Early bookings start 2 weeks before start of course. You may book at the latest 3 days before start of course. By enrolling in this course, you agree to the terms and conditions located in our Booking Policy. For more information, see ‘Booking Policy.’

Cancellation Policy

YL Intensive Winter Camp course consists of 22 lessons, two terms of 11 lessons each, at 60 minutes per lesson. Learners who complete entire course will have received 22 contact hours. Course progresses synchronously—i.e., every lesson builds upon preceding ones. Learners should attend as many in consecutive order as possible. For satisfactory results, learners should maintain 90-percent attendance every term. Upon submitting payment for this course, you acknowledge we cancel and reschedule only when all learners must miss a lesson due to emergency or illness. In all other cases, learners are responsible for attending the lessons at the scheduled times you agree to at check out. During each term, single learners may miss lessons. Learner absences owe to circumstances that fall into two categories: 1) emergency and illness, and 2) other. In both cases, learners can review missed content during “make-up lessons.” Make-up lessons are delivered 1-on-1 or 1-on-2. Make-up lesson duration is 45 minutes. Make-up lessons must be scheduled and completed in the term learner’s absences occurred, excepting if absences occur at the end of terms and learners pay for subsequent terms. Learners are entitled to one make-up lesson per 3 absences up to a maximum of 2 make-up lessons per term. Learners with less than 3 absences are entitled to no make-up lesson. Learners with more than 3 absences and less than 6 are entitled to only 1 make-up lesson. Learners with more than 6 absences in one term are entitled to no more than 2 make-up lessons for that term. Our make-up-lesson allowance has two exceptions: serious family emergency or illness. If you submit written proof of the emergency or illness—e.g., scanned copy of doctor’s diagnosis—more than 2 make-up lessons in a term may be permitted. Absence allowances may not be “rolled over” to subsequent terms or “transferred” to other enrolled learners. Learners with no absences in previous terms are entitled to only 2 make-up lessons per term in subsequent terms. If learners exceed 6 absences a term, we may recommend remedial lessons—or, “catch-up lessons”—for a fee in order to progress them to next term. For excessive absenteeism, we may require catch-up lessons for graduation to the next course level. If we recommend and you refuse them, we may deny learner entry into next term or course level.

Contact Details

Street level Zhongyanghuayuan Street, Huashan District, Maanshan, Anhui, China

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